Friday, March 13, 2009

Danish havarti cheese -- an iconic legend

Danish havarti used to be one of my favorite cheeses. The most delicious thing to do with havarti is to make this open-faced sandwich, which I will kindly describe below:

A long baguette of your choice
Sundried tomatoes
Olive oil
A pan to cook on or maybe an oven pan

Cook the mushrooms on a skillet or in the oven with some olive oil, and at the very end add the sundried tomatoes so they can warm a little. Next only slightly toast the baguette, and put the havarti cheese on top so that it can melt a little. Next add the cooked mushrooms and warmed sundried tomates on top of the slightly melted cheese. Garnish with a little black pepper if you'd like, then eat away!

I wish I hadn't just posted this because now I'm completely starving.

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