Friday, November 19, 2010

Naoto Fukusawa: Will you marry me?

Dear Naoto,

I know that maybe you are already married, and so am I, but can you please consider maybe marrying me in perhaps another life? I simply am in love with your design aesthetic, and, well, I am deeply infatuated with you. I saw your Phaidon book and also was lusting over every graphic and word. I also love your Plus Minus Zero collection. If we get married, I don't mind moving to Japan!

Yours truly,

Cheese Lovers International

P.S. Check out Naoto's Hiroshima chair here:


I fell in love with the Jielde lighting collection the first time I laid my tired little eyes on them, with their curvaceous, bending and whimsical bodies. Lust, true lust!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A CLI first!

Dear friends of CLI,

Guess what? One of our interns has designed and built her own table! She had a lot of help from her nice boss and an architect friend, but the concept was an original, and we think it's quite nice. What say you? Orders are being taken as we speak/write!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A fun light!

Though most of us at CLI are children of the 1980s, we spend a lot of time trying to block out the horrific fashion and home design that came out of that dreadful, Ronald Reagan-era. BUT! Lately our intern has discovered a few prized gems from that infamous time, and dare we say some things from that time could even be called decent?

Take, for example, the Callimaco floor lamp by Ettore Sottass (nice name). It's quite fun and interesting, and the design reminds some of us of perhaps a matchstick! And who doesn't like matchsticks?

You be the judge -- the 1980s; In Oder Aus?!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Design Against the Clock (a cool video!)

Design-loving friends, check out this cool video! You'll have to click on the link below, or just click the title of this blog post!

Another cool Dutch dude

I don't speak or read Dutch, but the pictoral qualities of Floris Hovers' website inspired a lust for beautiful and simply wonderful furniture (and other things). Floris, you are one cool dude!

Check out his work here and below:

Monday, November 1, 2010

The perfect couch

Although there is a plethora of lounging options these days, it's still hard for one to find the perfect couch. Well, if you are currently searching for a nice place to place your behind, we might have a nice suggestion for you! Check out Hay's Mags sofa. (Hay is a really Danish furniture company, and everything they have is super cool). It's around $3,500 or so, so it's not affordable. But at least we are on the right track, yes?