Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Poki Rack by Holm Giessler & Jennifer Heimann!

Check out this cool Poki Rack by Holm and Jennifer! I quite like it. It adds a bit of an organic feel to an already simple drawer. Unfortunately, I think the designers are quite new, so it's hard to get some price and dimension descriptions, but check out this website anyway! Maybe you can check it in a few weeks. Or better yet, if you get to go to the Stockholm Furniture Fair, then you will see this in person. Also, if you are going to the design fair, you are really lucky!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A cool clock

Mr.Clock_Hye-yeon.park_Design Product_2010 RCA from hye-yeon.park on Vimeo.

We at CLI are quite taken by Hyeon Park's Mr. Clock. It's sort of a museum peace, and I'm not sure people would really want this in their house, but there are those of us who dare to be bold. Check out the cool video also, and you will see that Mr. Clock's brilliance is in that it is interactive with humans (or other moving objects). I kind of want one, but don't have the space. Perhaps you do, dear CLI reader!

Monday, February 14, 2011

A cool Portland-based company!

I am pretty in love right now with this cool "Civic Stack" by a Portland, Oregon based company called Von Tundra (run by three dudes: Dan Anderson, Chris Held, and Brian Pietrowski). I wonder how much it is! I hope it's not like $3,000. I am hearing a lot about Portland these days, and really need to check it out. Check out the rest of their cool furniture and other stuff on their site below.

Prouve's Potence on a super budget

This dude named Brendan Ravenhill has designed a pretty nice lamp that is a pretty good price! At $150, the Cord Lamp is attractive and well-designed in that it can hide screws in the wall, and also be pivoted to the desired position without moving. I want one. Sign me up!

Friday, February 11, 2011

A cool desk/table!

I've sort of been on the look out for a new desk. My current desk is fine for the amount of space I have, but in the future it might be nice to have a multi-functional place to work, especially my glorious darling also needs a place to work. Maybe this desk is big enough for both of us!

This wonderful thing is called Doppelleben, and it is the recent creation of the Ahhaproject design studio. Basically the table can be a desk/work space, place to have tea or snacks, and then later on when you are done working, it can become a dining table! Note that the tabletop consists of two layers. If you need to use the lower layer, you can slide two lightweight panels down the sides. And when the work is done (or is safe to be interrupted), the panels come up creating a surface for dining and entertaining.

That's pretty neat! If I had this desk, it would be put to good use right away. In fact, instead of sitting at this tiny console table, I could be using the Doppelleben instead. Someday!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Under My Roof!

I think CLI has mentioned the brilliant work of Christian Vivanco before, because he is such a great designer and genius. I am quite taken by his "Under My Roof" desktop storage thing! It's very playful yet functional. What more can one ask for in great design?

If I had enough room on my desk, I would totally get this. It looks pretty easy to build. And it looks fun!