Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More tables we like

From top to bottom:

1. Mash Studios LAX Coffee Table: http://www.designpublic.com/shop/mash-studios/6791

2. Slim slant table by Vivavi http://vivavi.com/

3. Hollow Coffee Table by Brave Space Design: http://2modern.com/designer/Brave-Space/Brave-Space-Hollow-Coffee-Table

4. Trace Coffee Table by Stefan Bench: http://www.the3dstudio.com/product_details.aspx?id_product=39590


This awesome table by Tom Dixon is totally sweet. It's amazing how many different ways a table can be made, and the more inventiveness, the better. I personally really like the cast iron tripod base. I'm going to ask some photographer friends if they have an extra giant tripod and try this myself. The price is quite hefty at $1,260-1,700, but it's Tom Dixon!!


Monday, July 27, 2009

Help! Cheese Lovers International Needs a New Name!


Cheese Lovers International is looking to update its image. Thus, we would like to change the name of our blog, since it's not always so much about cheese. Any ideas?

Someone has suggested "random crap and design stuff" but that doesn't seem to cut it, as this was vetoed by our staff and interns.

Please help! Just leave us a comment in this post. Thanks!!

Cheese Lovers International
Editors in Chief

Holy COW!

Check out these awesome rubber shelf things I saw today on Design Sponge. These shelves are sooo cool! I can't believe how cool they are. I must research how I can get my hands on these, like, as soon as possible.

Here is the designer's website: http://www.peteoyler.com/work/stretch-shelf

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jesus H. Christ!!

We, the staff of Cheese Lovers International, have just sampled a piece of heaven. There is this delicious thing called "Drunken Goat" cheese, and it simply divine! The cheese is soo superb that we may have to revert to a poem to express our content at discovering this diamond in the rough:

My eyes are closed
Closed but not shut
They widen at your taste
At your majesty
One taste, one glance
At your glory
And my heart is won

Try drunken goat cheese with some delicious "entertainment crackers" from Whole Foods, and a dash of clover 100% natural honey, and you, too, will know divinity.

What to do with that extra space in your backyard...

This Dutchtub thing is totally awesome. Whenever I have money, I am going to buy one! Of course it's expensive, which means I will never buy one, but it's cheaper than a pool and much cooler looking. Heck, maybe I will take the plunge one day (no pun intended). Actually, now that I think about it, there are many other uses for this tub than just for soaking and relaxing with a nice glass of wine.

For example, if you are having a massive dinner party, and you want to make a giant, GIANT thing of soup, just use the Dutchtub! I can picture it now...peeling 100 pounds of carrots, onions and other stuff people put in soup. Or, if you wanted to have a massive ice cream party, but want to save yourself the trouble of buying reusable bowls or just don't want to wash all those dishes, just dump all the ice cream into the Dutchtub! The possibilities are truly endless. Of course, don't forget to wash the tub before AND after.

Enjoy! http://www.dutchtub.com/english00/index.php

Friday, July 17, 2009

Another cheese that you will probably think is amazing

Cypress Grove Chevre in California is, to some, the mecca, zion, or holy grail of cheese. Indeed, some of the staff here at Cheese Lovers International (CLI) hold this place very dear to their hearts due to the large variety of exquisite cheeses originating from this cheese haven.

One such cheese is called the "Lamb Chopper." Not to be confused for a cheese one should eat with a lamb meal, this cheese is buttery, nutty gouda-style cheese made from organic sheep's milk. Its semi-firm texture and good meltability make this cheese great whether served at room temperature or cooked into a hot dish. Some of the interns here at CLI like Lamb Chopper served with fruit.

Incidentally, another of our interns is about to eat this cheese with some honey turkey in either a tortilla or some bread (as a sort of sandwich or wrap, if you will). We will let you know how it turns out!

Storage with style (or something)

This cool design by Takeshi Miyakawa is totally awesome (I saw it the other day at Voos Furniture). That place is totally awesome, too, by the way. I always wanted a place to put all these random little things I have that seem to have no place in a regular desk drawer. Like, for example, where are you supposed to put to weird shaped giant calculator? Or where am I supposed to put my ipod cords, and uhh, other stuff? (I have a lot of random stuff, but it's soo random, I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore).

Like all cool things, this Fractal 23, is on the more expensive side. And when I say "more expensive side," I mean that it costs $19,000!!! I could buy a car with that money, or make a large down payment on a house in Atlanta, Georgia (I watched too much HGTV last night). Sorry, Takeshi, but this is just wayyyy too expensive. But I hope someone buys it! Maybe one day when a good friend of mine wins the lottery!?


Monday, July 13, 2009

An awesome low-tech chair

This chair, design by Deger Cenziz, is on the more affordable side; It's also easy to assemble and needs no glue. You can buy it for about $350 at this AWESOME store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn called Voos Furniture.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A sweet end table or storage thing

This totally awesome table was designed by a German dude named Axel Kufus. Actually, I am pretty sure he is German, but I could be wrong. The bad thing is I can't really find much information about this awesome piece of furniture, except that I know it's sold at the coolest store in France (FR66 right near the Centre Pompidou in Paris). If anyone has any info on where or how this can be bought in the good old US and A, let us know! A nice piece of our favorite cheese will arrive at your doorstep soon afterwards.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

A pretty awesome lamp!

This cool light, called the MaƱana Lamp by Mary-Louise Gustafsson, is totally awesome. It kind of looks like a human being leaning or something innit? The only bad thing about this light is that it has a dimming mechanism, which I think also means you can't use a compact flourescent bulb. And it's around $220, which is also kind of a lot. Oh well! We can't have it all, can we?

If you want it, get it at this cool store called Scandinavian Grace: