Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another cool bookshelf/side table

I'm pretty into this cool "6 Degrees" bookshelf by the Polish company Love Kompott. You can use the little units as side tables, and if you are more creative, for step stools or even chairs!

From the Love Kompott website:

"6 Degrees is aflexible shelving system based on a module, that multiplied allows creating many diverse configurations. Every module can fit books in an A5 format as well as A4 and more and the diagonal sides give the support to the falling books. A single module can work as a stool or a side table while multiplied allows creating many diverse configurations.

At first sight a bit chaotic, this flexible system is a pure math: two modules lying horizontally on top of each other give the height of one module standing in a vertical position; and 6 is the number that differs the angles of the module from the classic right angle."

Check them out here: http://www.lovekompott.com/6degree.html#


I saw these cool doors on Apartment Therapy, and I am soo into them, I thought I'd post them here for our dear readers!

I'm thinking about painting my doors a cool color; perhaps a fun green or blue. Whatever looks cool with grey or maybe purple! Hahahah! Just kidding! I am actually really against the color purple (not the movie -- I have never seen it) and don't know why it even exists! Yes, purple is an essential color, but I am still against it! It's not even part of the rainbow, or even a primary color! Ban purple!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Tree of Everyday Life

Is there a better, more clever name for a coat rack/umbrella holder? I don't think so.

Another great product by Dune -- called, you guessed it, the "Tree of Everyday Life." I love it. Anything that has functional use definitely gets point in the eyes of CLI. Anyway, this cool, awesome, fun, friendly, pretty, great and totally awesome product is designed by Monica Nicoletti (2004) and sold by Dune Furniture. Not sure how much it costs, but you can inquire here:


A bookshelf or a low to the ground shelf

I really like this cool shelf by Reinhard Dienes. Check out its multi-functional use! The contrast with the wood and the black supporters legs is kind of cool, and I wonder if this can also be used as a bench to sit on. Either way, high marks from CLI!

Check it out here (I have no idea how much it costs):


Sunday, January 24, 2010

For your feet!

Every once in a while, we at Cheese Lovers International (CLI for you veterans of our site) like to post something a little special. That is, something that is neither furniture, home accessories, or cheese. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we like to mix it up a little, to keep you, our readers, on your toes!

Before we present this new cool product (well, not sure how new it is), we would like to dedicate another poem in its honor:

Swift, kicking
Running to here and there
Alas! The road ahead leads to more roads!
Where do I turn, o' kicking feet
With soles soo strong my heart jumps
Jumps in timid excitement
For where my feet, my soles, my rubber champions
That is where I shall be!

Check out these awesome shoes -- they are made by workers who are provided with health care and good wages in Ethiopia and Liberia! And they are made with sustainable materials! And they are SUUUUPER COOL!

OR YOU CAN BUY THEM HERE!! http://www.oliberte.com/home/

P.S. These shoes are sold in the good old red, white and blue!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A really awesome blanket, seriously!

Pia Wallén designed this cool wool Crux Blanket, and let me just say, it is quite stunning. (I'm not really sure wool is good to use for a blanket, since many people are allergic to wool, but it's still cool!)

Check it out here: http://www.piawallen.se/main.php?view=Products

(By the way, I got these photos from www.doorsixteen.com, which is another really cool blog)

Another cool Japanese designer

Plus Minus Zero Co. is just among one of the millions of cool Japanese companies that made products that are quite simply breathtakingly beautiful. I love their really cool DVD/MD Stereo Component. It is soo classy and simple. It's true that today's design technology is sometimes a little too flashy, with emphasis being placed too heavily on the wrong things. Product designers from Japan, in my estimation, really understand how to be stylish without being obnoxious.

Anyway, it looks like this cool stereo component is only available in Japan, but I'm sure there is a way to get one the States if you really wanted one! By the way, check out the cool remote control and the awesome design of the top area of the component. Classic!!


Monday, January 18, 2010


I can't believe we at CLI have never posted any furniture by Dune! We must've been asleep or something for a while. That, or our intern has not been doing a good job lately.

Anyway, check out this cool chair called "Voltaire" -- indeed a very auspicious name! My favorite part of Voltaire is the wooden legs. It gives the chair a bit of a classy yet not too serious feeling. Agreed?

Check it here: http://www.architonic.com/pmsht/voltaire-dune/1020968

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

There are no words...

...to describe this suuuuuper cool light by Alice Rosignoli. Perhaps I'm having a visual sensory overload today, but I have just come across too many cool things to have any words left for the "Tiny" and "Tall" sticker lamps. So I will just let you, dear reader, indulge and judge for yourself. You may like it, you may not (but why wouldn't you??). If you will, the artist's site:


Here is the site to purchase. I hope they are still available!!



Every once in a while we at CLI stumble upon something that screams "BUY IT NOW! LIKE RIGHT NOW!!" This awesome Monobox radio by Design Connect is one of these items! (Not sure who the designer is, but maybe it's a by a German guy named Martin Bramer) Just look at how cool and beautiful, simple and clever it is! The Monobox is the answer to my dreams of awesome radios. I simply must have one! Unfortunately, I have no idea how much it costs. But you can email Design Connect using this website: http://www.designconnect.de/monobox.html

If anyone knows how much it is and wants to get me an early birthday present, feel free!

From the website: MONOBOX - ...imagine a radio!
Using the iconic form of old transistor radios the MONOBOX can be seen as a modern homage to these analog classics. Built out of only one piece of wood, there aren't any loose control elements. Nevertheless MONOBOX can be handled easily and intuitively- thanks to innovative operation solutions. The MONOBOX's uniqueness comes from the fact that, in this case, form does not follow function but instead represents it.

Kind of into this wallpaper print

I'm kind of into this cool wallpaper I saw in a magazine the other day. Called "Net and Paper" and designed by Absolute Zero (a British company I think), the wallpaper is sort of retro, but not in a bad way. We all know retro can sometimes be a bad thing. Sometimes it's good to let things just sort of disappear and make room for other cool things. It's just evolution! Natural selection, as it were. It applies to us all!


P.S. Not really digging the retro looking things on top of the table. Kind of too blah!

A lamp for your bed or reading area

I hesitate to add this lamp by the Danish Robert Dudley, but for some reason I am drawn to its shape. It would look more cool if it was in another color, perhaps a reddish or maybe greenish shade? I can't believe this lamp was designed in 1930!!


Monday, January 11, 2010

Something fun!

This is not a piece of furniture, but it looks cool, so we thought we'd add it here. (It's also not a piece of cheese, but more on that in another post).

This awesome scooter is made in the USA by an Amish manufacturer, and it's about $250! Not bad, not bad at all!

Check it out here:


Thursday, January 7, 2010

An oldie but a goodie

This cool girl named Dorothee Becker invented this Uten.Silo thing in 1969 (a lot of things happened in that year, innit?). I LOVE it. It's soo cool and fun, and you can use it for soo many different things. Unfortunately, it will not work as a cheese storage device. Unless you get the kind of cheese that doesn't have to be refrigerated, but I'm not sure if that exists.

Anyway, the Uten.Silo thing costs, like, $300 something pops.


Kind of a cool bedroom (kind of)

I like this bedroom, kind of, but what I LOVE is the cool black and white painting/screen print in the background. Perhaps this will be my next project. If anyone wants to make this for me, let me know. I will reward you with two pounds of the secret cheese we here are quite fond of!

(The bedding is by Dwell, in case you like it).

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A "first" for Cheese Lovers International

(We really should come up with a new name, since we hardly write about cheese, but whatever!)

Anyway, we have never actually posted something from Apartment Therapy, but their "Unplggd" page had something soo irresistible, and had such an amazing "gadget coolness," we could not help ourselves. So, without further ado, check out this guy's awesome apartment in Houston, Texas! (Yes, Texas! Weird, right? Maybe the place is not soo bad after all.....nah!) Oh, and look out for the clever use of hidden wires and hidden electronics ideas! Here it is:

Monday, January 4, 2010

something new and cool from ikea

One of CLI's interns was at IKEA recently and discovered something kind of cool. Called the "IKEA PS SÅGA chair," this new item is stylish enough and comfortable enough to be deemed bloggable. And, it costs....wait for it.....$69! A little expensive for IKEA, but very, very affordable to a normal person. IKEA has some other really cool new stuff, so it's worth taking a trip there! They also have really cool new sheets and duvet covers! Me definitely like!