Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mark Braun

We sent our CLI intern to the ICFF show in New York this year, and unfortunately she missed this really cool piece by the German designer, Mark Braun.

Luckily we had "other means" of getting a preview of Mark's work. So check it out: Floor 95 is a bench, wardrobe and shelf all in one piece. Better yet, the pieces can be moved around and configured any way you like. I imagine this kind of thing would be very, very popular in Japan! I personally love it! Well done, Mark! Das ist gut! Now, if we can only find out how much this Floor 95 costs and where it's available....


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cool picnic table

I saw this totally awesome new picnic table on Design Boom the other day, and I thought to myself "I must share this with other CLI people"! So here it is, my friends! A very clever picnic table that can seat people in a couple of different ways. I've often wondered how one can make a picnic table more comfortable, and here is the answer. If I had an outdoor space of some kind, I would definitely "acquire" this beautiful thing. My hat off to both of you, Wouter Nieuwendijk and Jair Straschnow!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A cool wall calendar

Although my first love will always be Enzo Mari's Formosa calendar, I really like this DateBlock wall calendar. Unfortunately, I think it's only available in Japan. And since I don't read Japanese, I'm not sure if this does something cool, or if it just looks pretty. But if that's all it does, look pretty it does! I think it is meant to replace the traditional paper calendars used in many offices. No more paper needed! Yay! Anything to save some trees is cool with CLI!

If anyone out there can read this description or can tell us something other than what is written above, please share!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Obsession. Enough said!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Something cool you will love!

While I was in Cape Town, South Africa, I visited this really cool place called the "Old Biscuit Mill." From the name, I am guessing it used to be an old biscuit mill, but now it's a really cool outdoor plaza/shopping area in Cape Town's Woodstock area. The Old Biscuit Mill has food, coffee, furniture, home accessories, clothing, etc. And on Saturdays they have a really cool farmers market type of thing.

Anyway, there's a store in the Old Biscuit Mill that I loved, but can't find the name. Nor did I remember to write down the name of this cool piece of furniture that I LOVED! Stay tuned while I conduct some "research." In the meantime, drool away!