Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hee Lounge Chair by Hay

Lately I am obsessed with finding the perfect lounge chair, perhaps for a bedroom setting.  My ideal chair would be something lightweight-looking, maybe in a light natural wood but not necessarily, something very comfortable and of course, something incredibly beautiful yet cheerful.  So far, I have found one really cool rocking chair that might work.  But also I am kind of liking this Hee Lounge Chair by Hay furniture, the very cool Danish company that brought the world the DLM side table.  The best thing about this Hee Lounge is that it comes in many colors, looks comfortable, and only costs about $230 or so.  That's not too bad considering what the rest of the design world is offering.  Unfortunately I have never seen this chair in person, so I can't attest to how comfortable it is.  But I'm on the look-out so will keep fellow CLI readers in the loop!  Check it out here:

Monday, November 28, 2011

A really, really cool bed

I'm not currently in the market for a new bed, but If I were, I'd totally get this Beam Bed by Gavin Coyle.  I don't know anything about the materials or anything, so you'll have to contact Gavin if you're interested in purchasing.


Not really sure why this lamp is called "Jump" but I like it irregardless (or regardless).  Jump is designed by Claude Saos and is made with porcelain, maple wood and uses LED light.  Nice.  Oh, and there are only 20 limited edition Jumps available!  If you want one, contact Claude now!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Asaf Weinbroom Studio!

We couldn't believe our eyes when upon seeing this extremely beautiful, clean-lined and super functional/utilitarian wall lamp. Called the Vash Light, it is made from white oak and veneer and is adjustable, and I'm just wondering where in the USA one can get their hands on this baby. If anyone knows, tell us! We'll send you some free cheese!  Mazel, Asaf Weinbroom!  

Monday, November 14, 2011

Normal Studio, the almighty!

I think our CLI intern has mentioned Normal Studio before on this site, but in case she hasn't, please check out this amazing company/studio.  They have truly amazing design, and a neat story behind the company's origin.  Drool.  I wish their lamp was adaptable for US electric requirements.

Friday, November 4, 2011

One of the best things in the world...from IKEA

Notes from the CLI Intern: Maybe about 2 years ago, someone "accidentally" broke the dryer machine in our house. I don't know who it was, and though I was peeved for a while, this actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Why? Because if this hadn't happened, I never would've looked for the FROST drying rack from IKEA. Not only does it save energy, money and back-breaking word of unloading a dryer machine, it actually makes your clothes last longer as well! You can even dry giant blankets on it! FROST is soo wonderful that I've decided to write a poem in its honor:

The shirt I wore last night
How the smoke-filled bar left it pungent
with carcinogenic odors and residues!
And those socks that got wet from the unduly
Tireless rain, pounding through my non-waterproof shoes
The favorite pair of trousers with the mint chocolate chip ice cream smudge
Oh! How the laundry ills pains me so
So much so that I yearn for a respite from it all
And then comes frost FROST!
 With its sturdy legs and arms
You are the hero of my day!
Find it here:

A really cool video from Droog