Monday, November 30, 2009

a beautiful classic

George Nakashima is a master wood worker, and he sure has made many classy and classic furniture. My favorite by far is the Straight Backed Chair. Soo lovely! They are on sale at a couple of places, most notably DWR and probably

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

all in one office -- ohh la la!!

Established & Sons must be one of the coolest furniture companies in the entire world! Just check out this cool office system by Matali Crasset (a cool French designer). A desk, file cabinets, lamp and a trash can! The colors are also super fun. This would go well in a giant loft, or perhaps in a space with a large living room. I can't seem to find the price, but I bet it costs around $15,000 or more.

If anyone knows the price, don't tell me. I don't want to know!

Check out Matali's site:

cool storage for your printer or other stuff

This portable storage unit/table is pretty simple, but it is quite nice to look at and admire. I think there's something like this at Ikea, but I like this one better. They are a bit expensive at around $480...but what can you do? Oh, and it's designed by an American!

Monday, November 23, 2009

another awesome sofa

There is something very beautiful about this sofa. I think it might be combination of yellow, beige and grey? I don't know. It's just really, really cool. I want one!! Too bad they are only sold in the UK. If anyone knows of any company in the US and A that sells this cool Ella sofa, let me know!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

something else i want

someday i want to have a home full of light oak wood. something about light colored oak wood is soo beautiful and soo peaceful. perhaps it makes me feel like i'm in nature. or maybe i feel i'm in some cool japanese cafe or something. which brings me to this really cool audio visual unit from habitat in the old england.

check it out here:

it's not that expensive, but it's not cheap either. and you have to build it yourself. and you have to have it shipped from england. hmmh. i bet they have something like this at room and board.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

holy moly!

When I first saw these speakers, the first thing I said was "holy moly" and "Me want!" -- and then I calmed down because at almost $500, they are pretty pricey. I still think Audio Engine speakers are the best deal out there (see my archives for an earlier post), but these Ceramic speakers are pretty awesome "irregardless." They would certainly make a nice gift!

Check them out here:

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Divine sofa -- where are you?

Other than being available at this great store called Scandinavian Grace, we can't seem to find the Divine Sofa by Jonas Ihreborn anywhere! Where, oh where, can you be, little Divine Sofa? Come out, meet us! We Americans are not that scary! We love you! Please come to us, and let us glare upon you with our naked eyes.

Anyway, this sofa is available in other colors aside from orange. I once saw it in navy blue, and it was quite charming. The sofa costs about $4,000, which is pretty expensive, but if it's European made and imported, and if it lasts forever, that's not too bad. Especially compared to the Polder Sofa...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

another cool place to hang your bag or coat

Design House Stockholm is super cool. They have such neat and fun products. I wish I lived in Sweden. I wonder if everyone in Sweden has super cool design-y homes? I wonder if the Swedes spend all day thinking about what couch looks better, and where to place pictures on their walls. If any of our dedicated CLI readers out there are Swedish, please fill us in! We might even throw in one pound of our favorite cheese!

Anyway, I digress. Here is another great place to hang your coat, bag, hat, scarf, or whatever else. At $40 each, the price is not awesome, but it's pretty decent. Santa, oh Santa! Are you listening, Santa?!

an eco friendly fire place

If you are like me and don't like cold weather, and you don't necessarily like using the heater in the winter in order to save energy, you are in luck today! Check out this amazing fire place, that requires no maintenance, no installation and looks super cool. Designed by Marc Philipp Veenendaal, this Eco Smart product is simply too cool to pass up. I'm about to start researching where I can get one. Imagine sitting in front of this beautiful, retro looking fire place, and sipping hot cocoa! Winter, you are now welcome!

more awesomeness

I stumbled upon another awesome piece of furniture recently in the most stylish country in the world. (Sorry, Italy or France, I'm not talking about you!)

Check out this awesome Stack 8 drawer system. The colors and the functionality are just soo fun, you would have to be crazy not to want this. Unless of course you have oddly shaped clothing or something that would prevent you from...I don't know what I'm talking about. I just love this Established & Sons piece of furniture soo much! Sometimes love does that to you -- leaves you speechless! Searching for the words, but the words are not there! Anyway, I'm not sure where you can buy this, but try Established & Sons in England or somewhere else.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

If I had $9,000 to spare....

...and a 100,000 square foot home or office, I would totally get this Luxo the Great 1 lamp! It's totally insane to have a light this giant in your house, but under the right circumstances, it can be done! Stranger things have happened.

I like the idea of this gargantuan of lights in a room with only one piece of furniture. Perhaps a very comfy lounge chair. I also like the idea of this being in the library or one's private study. I think children would also be keen on this fun piece of furniture. In fact, it was this light that inspired the Pixar people!

The Great 1 is the sort of thing that inspires great adventures, or conspiracies. Just imagine a room full of aging but wise old men, devising how to control the charlatans that are about to invade country X. Country X has held out for centuries against many an invader, but this time country Y is strong, powerful and strategically adept in military warfare! The men of Country X, the wisest of the elders and the most decorated of statesmen, must not let their countrymen down. Then, just hours before the armies of country Y are about to descend, a heroine and sagely virtuous woman comes into the room with The Great 1 to announce the winning strategy...

The Great 1 is made for legendary events. Do you have one in mind? Perhaps President Obama might consider one of these for his "situation" room. The recession would surely end...

If I had $1,500 to spare....

...I would consider getting this awesome Prouve Potence lamp! (That is, of course, if I had a lot more than $1,500 to spare -- it's not wise to use your savings to buy things like this!!)

I think this lamp works well if you are for some reason not able to have a chandelier or lighting on your ceiling (such as is the case with many people with concrete ceilings with no track lighting). Just look at how beautiful and simple this lamp is! It's industrial, sure, but not cold in any way! I wish, I wish....

If anyone found $1,500 on their way home from somewhere, it probably fell out of my wallet! Just give me a ring! Thanks!