Thursday, January 19, 2012

What what? Que que?

Here again is another brilliant Mexican design by Manada.  It was truly love at first sight, this Bed 42 design.  The wood, its texture, its simplicity and craft.  I want one!  However, our intern has rightfully informed us that this beautiful piece of furniture is probably a wee too big for anyone living in the tight orners of a NYC apartment.  Too bad. Still, we at CLI give the Bed 42 an A+++++!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A really cool coffee table by another cool Japanese designer

How I wish I could go back in time to be born as a Japanese product/furniture designer!  Oh, How grand that would be!  To design beautiful, simple and elegant wares for my fellow humans.   To be among the likes of Naoto Fukusawa and Teruhiro Yanagihara!  

Anyway, thankfully, one can at least buy cool Japanese products easily these days with the help of the interweb and "online payments"!  All is not lost.  And, take a look at this beautiful piece of furniture.  Soo cool and simple.  But I'm also betting this can easily be built using some basic carpenter skills.  Perhaps a new project for the CLI intern for the new year!  Yes!
Check it out here:

Monday, January 9, 2012

I really love this new-ish "Birdie" lamp by Foscarini designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba.  The lamp is quite playful and comes in a floor or table lamp size.  I totally want one.  Enough said.  Check it out here:

Another cool Mexican designer!

Christian Vivanco is my new favorite designer.  He's Mexican and builds his furniture and stuff in Mexico, probably about 2 hours north of Mexico City.  I must plan a pilgrimage to visit his studio sometime.  Anyway, this really awesome storage island thing is called From a Lost City, and I simply love it.  I need to figure out where I can store this, or maybe our CLI intern will find a good use for this clever piece of multi- use shelving work of art.  Check it out here:

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Peter Bristol to the rescue!

As some loyal readers of CLI may know, our intern broke her beloved May Day Lamp by Konstantin Grcic (the thing magically dismembered itself), and so we've been on a dutiful lookout for a new cool lamp that can be placed both on a bookshelf, desk or table, yet also able to placed on the floor.  Lucky for us we stumbled upon Peter Bristol's American Standard Lamp.  

Says Peter of his design, "for better or worse, construction materials, methods, and dimensions are quite homogenized in the United States. From the 2×4 wall studs to the cheap light switches, it seems that when building a wall, location is really the only decision left to make. The utilitarian relationship between these standard materials, dimensions, and parts comes together to create a modern icon that is hidden in plain sight. By deriving its character directly from this set of rules, the American Standards Lamp’s is instantly familiar and intuitive to use (for people living among these standards).  Flipping on the American Standards Lamp is as routine as unlocking the door. The lamp creates diffused light and provides an accessible extra power outlet."  

I don't think the lamp is for sale, but I hope it is!  Our poor intern needs a new lamp!