Thursday, May 6, 2010

I wish it was winter!

If it was winter*, I could use this really cool heater by Plus Minus Zero's very own Naoto Fukusawa. Naota is such a great designer, there are no words to describe his clean genius. I'm not sure if Plus Minus Zero sells items in the US, but they do in many other parts of the world (mostly Japan and Europe).

The heater is especially cool because it has a timer function, in case you accidentally forget to turn it off. How clever. Japanese design is always clever. It comes in blue and green also and costs around $270 online.

Check it out here: and click on 4th Collection. If you really want this heater, I would do a google search for places that ship to the US!

*By the way, I don't really wish it was winter. That would make me insane, clinically.

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