Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Dutch....again!!

Apparently this cool Dutch furniture company called Pastoe has an office/store in Utretch, The Netherlands. GDIT! If only we had known this before -- we could have sent our lovely intern to scoop out the store for our dear readers!

If you happen to be traveling to Utretch soon, please check out Vincent Van Duysen's new Totem shelves! They are free standing, so not sure if they should be called shelves or something else. But what we can call them is cool, because that's what they are! You can stack them and turn them, and you can have just one unit or up to 6 or so. What's very interesting about these Totems is that they come in different colors, and that Vincent is an architect!

Chem them out here under "cupboards" and you will not be sorry:

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