Monday, March 15, 2010

I WANT this table!

First of all, any company called "Studiomama" has to be cool just because of its name. I love it! Second of all.....oh wait, there is no "second of all." What we really want to say is that this T-Table is awesome and that it would be cool if it was sold in the US and preferably at an affordable price. Alas, we are not sure where to buy this table, except from Studiomama herself. More about the studio from their website:

"Studiomama is based in London and owned by the designer Nina Tolstrup. She trained as a designer at the prestigious Les Ateliers school of industrial design in Paris and has a BA in Marketing from the Business School in Copenhagen.

Nina Tolstrup is designing products for companies while also taking a pro-active approach designing, manufacturing and selling her own ranges under the Studiomama name."

Nina, you are cool beans!

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