Friday, March 26, 2010

Don't Leave Me (or DLM)

What an appropriate name for an utterly cool little table. One that truly compels you not to leave it, but to bring with you whatever room you are in!

Don't Leave Me was designed by the Danish Mr. Thomas Bentzen. Mr. Bentzen, you are a new favorite of ours here at CLI! I imagine carrying Don't Bring Me to various parts of a home, either for watching TV with a nice beverage, or reading book on a comfy lounge chair, or even outside to have a nice lemonade while laying about in the sun, poolside! And it's quite small, too, and not THAT expensive at around $185. AND it comes in pastel blue, Light green, Black, White, Gray, Yellow and Oyster white.

Don't Leave Me is a definite too cool for school product. We like!

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