Saturday, April 11, 2009

A really cool place to hang your weary coat

I've been looking for a really cool place to hang my coats (instead of hanging them up in the closet right away because I'm too lazy), and by golly, I've found one! I was in the MOMA Design Store when I stumbled upon this Treehooked coat rack, and only later did I realize that one of its designers is Jan Habraken, a guy I used to play futbol with! The world is indeed a small place. You never know who your neighbors are, or who you're working out with when you're at the gym. For all you know you could be buying bread next to the woman who just won a million dollars! Or that the guy walking his cute little daschund could be, like, a world famous painter or something! Anyway, I feel honored that I know someone who designed something this cool.

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