Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A DIY coffee table? Hmmmm

If you have an extra skateboard lying around somewhere, take the wheels off the board, get some wood and saw it so you can make a three-legged table (without a top). Then get a round piece of glass and attach the wheels on the three-legged table so that the wheels can support the glass. Omg -- that sounds soo easy. If anyone has an extra skateboard, give it to me so I can build this. It should only take me about 15 minutes or so?

Or if you'd rather just spend $1,795 plus tax and delivery on the Three Sixty Table, go to http://www.thefutureperfect.com/detail.php?id=8 and buy it! But that's just the lazier way to go if you ask me. (Future Perfect is located in Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY).

This totally is a cool coffee table, though, and I think it would look super cool in the right kind of place. It's made by a company called Studio Mauerer Hendrichs. That sounds German innit?

Also, this table is good for cheese lovers since it's kind of like a lazy maid (or whatever it's called) that spins food around. You could probably fit, like, 20 different cheeses on here. If I had this cool Three Sixty Table, I would eat way more cheese than I do now. I would even have a party so that people could sample my favorite cheese in the world. That which shines like a beacon of hope in dark times! That which makes life a true gift! That which causes my soul to smile and bask in glorious wonder!!


  1. i did some quick arithmetic in my head and concluded that only 1.5 hipster skaters would need to be beaten and robbed of their boards to get the wheels required for this table. if lots of people do this we would not only be saving money but also, um, making williamsburg's future more perfect.

  2. That's an interesting perspective. Imagine how much money we could make by producing our own hipster skater table (version 2.0)! The ironic thing is that the target audience would probably end up being the very hipsters we targeted!!

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