Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gruyère de Comté

Last night I was lucky enough to have discovered a delicacy called Gruyère de Comté. Gruyère de Comté has been around since the 12th century! Even before the time of Henry VIII! Even before the invention of existentialism or democracy!

One can only deduce from the extraordinary fact that cheese that has been around this long must be delicious. And it is! Comté is unpasteurized with a texture that is relatively hard and flexible, and the taste is mild, slightly sweet, and a bit on the nutty side. A cheese this refined must be eaten with only the most elegant of wine and paired with some delicious bread. I can picture it now: the scene is a nice winter lodge in the French alps, there is a fire roasting five feet away from you, it's snowing and there is smell of rich mahogany in the air. The feel of the supple leather couch you are lounging on is soft and smooth from all the years of wear and tear, and it fits your aching soul like a little league glove owned by your great uncle, Marcus. Suddenly a lovely gentleman dressed in a well-fitting server's uniform walks up to you and says, "May I interest you in more Comté, and while I'm at it, may I top off your pinot noir?"

"Yes, please, mon seigneur. Please don't forget to alert the concierge that I will having an early night, and to make sure my usual brandy is waiting for me when I retire...."

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  1. I think you've watched Anchorman one too many times.