Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Encyclopedia Britannica of Cheese

This is an excellent book, and anyone who loves cheese or wants to learn more about the world's greatest invention should read this. The intro says it all:

"Cheese is a mysterious, passion-inspiring, mind-boggling force of nature that leaves in its wake a sensual afterglow and longings for more. Arguably the world's most popular food, cheese nourishes the body, energizes the spirit, and satisfies hunger on all levels. It waits quietly in the wings to be noticed yet demands attention once on stage. It sustains, it teases, it begs an encore. As well it should. For cheese is one of humankind's greatest treasures."


  1. How does one stay lean if they eat so much cheese? Help me!

  2. Who cares about being lean! If I were you I would eat as much cheese as possible! Life is too short!!