Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Every once in a while we at CLI stumble upon something that screams "BUY IT NOW! LIKE RIGHT NOW!!" This awesome Monobox radio by Design Connect is one of these items! (Not sure who the designer is, but maybe it's a by a German guy named Martin Bramer) Just look at how cool and beautiful, simple and clever it is! The Monobox is the answer to my dreams of awesome radios. I simply must have one! Unfortunately, I have no idea how much it costs. But you can email Design Connect using this website: http://www.designconnect.de/monobox.html

If anyone knows how much it is and wants to get me an early birthday present, feel free!

From the website: MONOBOX - ...imagine a radio!
Using the iconic form of old transistor radios the MONOBOX can be seen as a modern homage to these analog classics. Built out of only one piece of wood, there aren't any loose control elements. Nevertheless MONOBOX can be handled easily and intuitively- thanks to innovative operation solutions. The MONOBOX's uniqueness comes from the fact that, in this case, form does not follow function but instead represents it.

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