Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another cool bookshelf/side table

I'm pretty into this cool "6 Degrees" bookshelf by the Polish company Love Kompott. You can use the little units as side tables, and if you are more creative, for step stools or even chairs!

From the Love Kompott website:

"6 Degrees is aflexible shelving system based on a module, that multiplied allows creating many diverse configurations. Every module can fit books in an A5 format as well as A4 and more and the diagonal sides give the support to the falling books. A single module can work as a stool or a side table while multiplied allows creating many diverse configurations.

At first sight a bit chaotic, this flexible system is a pure math: two modules lying horizontally on top of each other give the height of one module standing in a vertical position; and 6 is the number that differs the angles of the module from the classic right angle."

Check them out here: http://www.lovekompott.com/6degree.html#

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