Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A "first" for Cheese Lovers International

(We really should come up with a new name, since we hardly write about cheese, but whatever!)

Anyway, we have never actually posted something from Apartment Therapy, but their "Unplggd" page had something soo irresistible, and had such an amazing "gadget coolness," we could not help ourselves. So, without further ado, check out this guy's awesome apartment in Houston, Texas! (Yes, Texas! Weird, right? Maybe the place is not soo bad after all.....nah!) Oh, and look out for the clever use of hidden wires and hidden electronics ideas! Here it is:


  1. Thanks for the compliments and the mention! Really like the blog. As for Texas, it is like another country down here, but Austin and inner Houston are progressive havens in a fairly button down state (Houston just elected an openly gay mayor!).


  2. Hey!

    Thanks, and I do hear a lot about things happening in Austin, though I've never been but would like to visit someday.

    I love your blog! Keep it going!