Friday, June 4, 2010

Two Beauties On Which to Place Your Bottom

Formfjord (what a cool name) makes really great hanging lamps/lights, but i also really like their cool upholstered bench and day bed. The Bench B194 and Daybed L194 are really clean and cool, and they look quite comfortable to sit on or to use for placing magazines or for taking naps!

The designers are really cool German dudes. From their website: "Since 2006, Engineer Fabian Baumann and Designer Sönke Hoof have been working together from their Berlin-based design studio Formfjord. In addition to furniture, lighting and accessories, they enjoy working in various fields: "Each project holds inspiration for another. The more different the jobs, the more fruitful and unexpected the synergies are." The direct teaming of designer and engineer lends Formfjord's designs their unique structural language."

Note that the top picture is the Day Bed, and the bottom picture is a coffee table of sorts, if you will.

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