Thursday, June 24, 2010


This has to be one of the most gorgeous sofas I've seen in my entire life (except for the Polder Sofa)! I actually sat on this sofa today and could not believe how comfortable my behind was! I imagined spending many a day and hour reading a book or watching the telly, or even writing poetry or a sonnet. That's how gorgeous the "Oscar" sofa is -- it inspires you to do beautiful things. As to be expected, this sofa is not cheap at around $3,200, but actually that price is not too bad considering it's made in England using really good materials.

From the SCP website: "Part of the SCP 2009 collection, the Oscar sofa is made in the UK using sustainable materials. The Oscar sofa strikes a pleasing balance between modernity and tradition, large in size yet light in appearance. The sofa is made from a European hardwood frame, jute webbing and hessian straps and then covered with a mix of materials that includes natural fibres, animal hair and wool. It features two large feather cushions that are notable for their depth, the back has a line of sewn in pulls, lending the sofa the appearance of a buttoned back, without the actual buttons. The feet are made from walnut stained beech, with the front two being turned versions. By contrasting long straight lines with delicate natural curves, Hilton has created a piece that is both reserved and full of humility. The Oscar sofa is a piece perfect for those who like their modernity laced with a little familiarity."

I wonder how much shipping costs to New York....

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