Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A cool desk I've always loved

Yes, it's true. I have always loved this LAX Series wall-mounted desk. I like wall-mounted things. They are less in the way and create more functional spaces. Plus you don't have to move furniture in order to vacuum or clean the floors! Plus it just looks cool. The only downside, I guess, is that it once you've installed the desk, it's very hard to move without doing some big cosmetic damage to your wall. I guess the grass is indeed always greener.

At $740, the desk is not cheap. But it is made from solid English walnut, natural oil finish, aluminum with white powder coat. The company website says that "the materials that go into every LAXseries piece are meticulously selected for their quality and positive environmental impact. Each piece of furniture is made of solid English Walnut, free of formaldehyde glue and other toxins. By using an engineered wood, the LAXseries is able to maximize the yield from each tree and virtually eliminate waste. All of the pieces are sealed with a natural oil finish. Made from linseed oil, the finish is VOC-free and solvent-free. The aluminum sliding doors, an integral part of the LAXseries design, are all made of 100% recyclable, powder-coated aluminum."

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