Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Something inspired by Shell Silverstein

I had to throw in this "árvore generosa" by Mr. Pedro Useche (wow, I really like this guy!) because of the radness of his "Generous Tree" project. The tree shaped coat and hat and wallet and purse rack is made of one piece of responsibly harvested wood. AND all the leftover pieces are made into a little dog! Remember Shell Silverstein's story about a tree that loved a little boy, and the little boy kept taking and taking from the tree until there was nothing but a stump left? That story, my friends, is the inspiration for "árvore generosa." Brazilians are cool (and I predict, will win the World Cup this year!)


  1. Hi there, where did you see this item? I'm trying to find it in the UK (or somewhere that will ship!)

  2. Hi there!

    Sorry, I didn't include the link -- - If you scroll to the right on the top row of furniture, you will see this cool coatrack! I'm pretty sure they will ship to the UK!

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