Friday, June 12, 2009

Mayday, mayday!! (I'm not talking about the movie Titanic!)

This awesome lamp, called the May Day lamp, was designed by Konstantin Grcic for Flos. It's very cool and it only costs about $100. That's not too bad considering it's kind of waterproof and super, super functional. You can take it outside while you are out looking for burglars in your backyard, or if you are using it look inside the hood your car and going "hmmm." Or you can use it for inside the house, and move it from room to room whenever you want light in case you only have one light or something. See! The possibilities are endless!

I think you should run out and get one NOW! Run, don't walk!

Oh, and if you have a moment, check out this girl's flick pictures featuring the Mayday lamp! Very, ummm, interesting!!


  1. i would totally use this to light my doobie rolling table!

  2. That's a good use of this really cool light. Let me know how it works out!

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