Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A calendar that makes you look forward to tomorrow!

I've been trying to find this cool calendar by Enzo Mari for sale on the world wide web, but the only place I can find it is at this cool store in Paris called FR66 (which the editors of Cheese Lovers International have visited). This calendar is soo, like, totally awesome. If anyone can find it, let us know. As a show of appreciation, we will reward you with a 1/4 pound of our favorite cheese.


  1. Just google "Formosa calendar by Enzo Mari". Et voila!! You owe me some cheese dude. BTW I love everything about your apartment and am going to steal every idea including this calendar...

    -Jen in SF

  2. 18 is like, the perfect age.

  3. Jen in SF!

    Thank you! I tried your google suggestion and was successful. The editors of Cheese Lovers International would like to honor our commitment of 1/4 pound of our favorite cheese as a gesture of gratitude to you. Shall we ship it to you or will you be in the New York City area soon?

    Thank you kindly,

    Cheese Lovers International
    Editor in Chief

  4. Jen in SF,

    When you receive the cheese from CLI, could you please post a comment and let us know what kind it is? It would be greatly appreciated since the editorS like to keep us guessing.