Friday, May 1, 2009

Cheese snobbery!

Cheese snobs: a group of people who believe that good cheese can only from Europe, specifically France. They think American cheese can never be formidable or worthy of their attention. They have probably never tried delicious northern California cheese. And they scoff at the idea that something as pure and sweet as macaroni and cheese can't taste...scrumptuous!

To these charlatans I say "WHATEVER"! Cheese snobs are ruining the sometimes ill-refined palatte of the novice cheese eater. True, there are some "cheese products" that would serve humanity best if they were banned from the planet (like Kraft singles), but this does not mean the world is not big enough for various forms of cheese. For example, I have tried Mexican cheese, and eventhough everytime I eat it I get really sick, this does not mean that it is not actually a worthy and even delectable. After all, who am I to say what is good cheese and bad? I am not the cheese hegemon! Or the cheese police inspector! (Though that position sounds fun).

So, I say, to all you cheese snobs out there. Have an open heart! Try to break free from your imperialist notions of cheese! Take a trip out to Vermont or northern California! While your delicate sensibilities may not warm to this, surely your love of the divine master (cheese) will pull you there...

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  1. Yummm... Vermont White Cheddar!