Wednesday, May 13, 2009

WOW! The best video I've ever seen!! EVER!!!

I've seen a lot of music videos in my day; Some were good, some were excellent. Most were totally lame. BUT yesterday (or the day before) I came upon this video on youtube, which features His Royal Hotness, Gael Garcia Bernal. The video, titled "Quiere Que me Quieras" --- which means "I Want You to Love Me" in English, is the best, most amazing music video on the entire planet!! I'm not even kidding.

Here is the link:

Gael is really bringing Mexico to the international stage of excellence in art, film and music. He is what I call a "transformational artist," one who surpasses and even crosses international borders to reveal an emerging mastery of art, in more areas than one. His inspirational films include, but are not limited to: Y Tu Mama Tambien, El Crimen Del Padra Amaro, Amorres Perros, Babel, La Mala Educacion (Bad Education). I can't wait to see his new movie, Rudo Y Cursi!

Incidentally, I saw him in the East Village about 6 years ago, holding hands with some random girl. My friend and I were about two feet away from him, walking side by side, and we FROZE! What does one do when in the presence of such remarkable beings? If I could go back in time, I would say to His Royal Hotness, Gael Garcia Bernal, "Hola! You are super hot! By the way, can you please give me Natalie Portman's phone number?"

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