Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hee Lounge Chair by Hay

Lately I am obsessed with finding the perfect lounge chair, perhaps for a bedroom setting.  My ideal chair would be something lightweight-looking, maybe in a light natural wood but not necessarily, something very comfortable and of course, something incredibly beautiful yet cheerful.  So far, I have found one really cool rocking chair that might work.  But also I am kind of liking this Hee Lounge Chair by Hay furniture, the very cool Danish company that brought the world the DLM side table.  The best thing about this Hee Lounge is that it comes in many colors, looks comfortable, and only costs about $230 or so.  That's not too bad considering what the rest of the design world is offering.  Unfortunately I have never seen this chair in person, so I can't attest to how comfortable it is.  But I'm on the look-out so will keep fellow CLI readers in the loop!  Check it out here:

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  1. You have definitely found it. The hay about a chair is stunning! It would also look nice on a beach aswell ;-)