Monday, January 10, 2011

A really cool phone!

We at CLI love practical things, and that's why we totally love the new John's Phone by John Doe Amsterdam. There is nothing fancy about this phone, and it has no email, internet, special ring tones, text messaging, etc. Many might wonder why a person would want something with only the most traditional function of a phone, but I find myself thinking "why not"? Sure, it's great to have GPS, facebook and the NY Times accessible at all times, but sometimes it gets to be too much! Don't you agree? Sometimes it's nice to not be sooo connected to the wired world. I'm not sure I am personally ready to give up text messaging, but I would seriously consider it for this phone since it's sooo pretty! Check out all the colors it comes in, and it even has a place for you to physically write down phone numbers! What a novelty nowadays!

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