Friday, February 26, 2010

A desk after my own heart!!!

One of our clever interns AGAIN found a really cool designer by the name of Tiina Hakala from Finland. (Question: Are people from Finland called Finish or Finnish, or some other name?) Tiina was trained in the UK, but I think her work does show some very Scandinavian influence, wouldn't you agree?

Moving right along,"My Desk" was designed as a means to come up with a truly functional desk. For example, how many times have you had things in your work area, but had no idea where to put them? For example, I have giant paper clips, and I don't know where to put them! Or what about plants? Desks are a nice place for plants! I think "My Desk" answers all our questions -- except I still don't know where to put my giant paper clips...

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