Friday, July 17, 2009

Storage with style (or something)

This cool design by Takeshi Miyakawa is totally awesome (I saw it the other day at Voos Furniture). That place is totally awesome, too, by the way. I always wanted a place to put all these random little things I have that seem to have no place in a regular desk drawer. Like, for example, where are you supposed to put to weird shaped giant calculator? Or where am I supposed to put my ipod cords, and uhh, other stuff? (I have a lot of random stuff, but it's soo random, I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore).

Like all cool things, this Fractal 23, is on the more expensive side. And when I say "more expensive side," I mean that it costs $19,000!!! I could buy a car with that money, or make a large down payment on a house in Atlanta, Georgia (I watched too much HGTV last night). Sorry, Takeshi, but this is just wayyyy too expensive. But I hope someone buys it! Maybe one day when a good friend of mine wins the lottery!?

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