Friday, February 11, 2011

A cool desk/table!

I've sort of been on the look out for a new desk. My current desk is fine for the amount of space I have, but in the future it might be nice to have a multi-functional place to work, especially my glorious darling also needs a place to work. Maybe this desk is big enough for both of us!

This wonderful thing is called Doppelleben, and it is the recent creation of the Ahhaproject design studio. Basically the table can be a desk/work space, place to have tea or snacks, and then later on when you are done working, it can become a dining table! Note that the tabletop consists of two layers. If you need to use the lower layer, you can slide two lightweight panels down the sides. And when the work is done (or is safe to be interrupted), the panels come up creating a surface for dining and entertaining.

That's pretty neat! If I had this desk, it would be put to good use right away. In fact, instead of sitting at this tiny console table, I could be using the Doppelleben instead. Someday!

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