Saturday, April 10, 2010


For some reason, we at CLI have not included too many beds in our arsenal of glorious furniture and other cool things! That is an odd fact, considering most of us* spent the majority of our lives in beds. Sadly, we have no excuse. Maybe it's because we are quite pleased with our own personal bed selection that we have never bothered to think more about the subject.

Alas, we have decided to open our eyes to other bed options, like this beautiful bamboo Buden bed. It is soo cool and simple. And it has storage!! Why would furniture designers nowadays NOT include storage in every single piece of furniture? Too bad it's a bit expensive. (Another option is the Stillwell bed from Wonk Furniture in Brooklyn, NY --

Check out Buden here!

*Those of you who watch the silly Twilight movies will know that vampires do not sleep!

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