Tuesday, November 10, 2009

another cool place to hang your bag or coat

Design House Stockholm is super cool. They have such neat and fun products. I wish I lived in Sweden. I wonder if everyone in Sweden has super cool design-y homes? I wonder if the Swedes spend all day thinking about what couch looks better, and where to place pictures on their walls. If any of our dedicated CLI readers out there are Swedish, please fill us in! We might even throw in one pound of our favorite cheese!

Anyway, I digress. Here is another great place to hang your coat, bag, hat, scarf, or whatever else. At $40 each, the price is not awesome, but it's pretty decent. Santa, oh Santa! Are you listening, Santa?!



  1. Thought you might like this clock. It's cool.

  2. Nice clock! I don't know that I love the colors, as they are a bit too rustic. But the idea is very unique and cool. Thank you, kind reader of Cheese Lovers International!