Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a cool way to iron your clothes

Check out this awesome ironing board/mirror. It also has really cool looking legs. A long time ago I saw this competition on making something multi-functional, particularly ironing boards. I don't know know if this French guy, Aïssa Logerot, entered this contest, but I hope he did. Speaking of which, it might be a good idea for someone to invent a coffee table that doubles as an ironing board. The idea would involve: taking all of your things OFF the coffee table (like magazines, remote controls, coffee mugs, books, papers, plates, newpapers, note pads, netflix dvd's, regular music cd's, bills, letters, napkins, animals, coupons, children, toys, and also ice cream dishes. If there is anything else I left out, take that off the coffee table as well. Then, after doing all this, place the article of wrinkled clothing ON TOP of the coffee table, then use that as an ironing board. PRESTO!

Check it: http://www.aissalogerot.com/projects/madame-est-servie/

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