Thursday, March 11, 2010

A "walking" desk!

We at CLI really are digging Steuart Padwick's Walk Desk! This desk was first previewed/launched at 100% Design, and was shortlisted for a blueprint award. Well done, Steuart, old boy! (That's what we imagine a congratulatory remark would sound like, but maybe British people don't talk that way anymore?)

Anyway, the desk has clever little storage areas so that can hide the dorks for your MacBook Pro, iPod, iHome and whatever other electronic product you have that begins with an "i" -- it would be cool if Apple started making their own "iprinters"!

Anyway, check the desk out here: - but it will cost you about £1495!

Note: It would be nice if the desk was in different colors. That green is a little too...something!

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